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Pallet Plastic

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Pallet Plastic

Pallet Plastic

Recycled and recyclable - High Density Polyethylene
Strong and durable
Impervious to acids, fats, solvents and odours
Resistant to moisture, insects and fungi
Can withstand deep freezing and steam cleaning
Clean and easy to handle
Free of nails and splinters
4-way forklift entry
Usable with hand lifts (pallet jacks)
Bridge pallet
Perimeter "safety rim" 5mm high
Standard colour - black
Pallet weight (± 0.2kg 9kg 12. kg
Dynamic load capacity 1000kg 1250kg
Static load capacity 3000kg 4000kg
Racking load 400kg
Load capacities quoted are based on functional testing of unified and evenly distributed loads

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