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Water Gun Dinga & Parts

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Water Gun Dinga and Parts

Water Gun Dinga and Parts

By using our DINGA water- saving gun, water and energy
costs can be reduced. It also protects the environment by
avoiding the use of chemicals in the cleaning process. The
valve is opened and closed by operating the lever which
regulates the flow from a mist to a concentrated jet.
Continuous operation is facilitated by the lock catch. This
valve designed for industrial use, is extremely robust and has a
long service life due to its high quality brass/stainless steel
construction. It’s protected against shock, heat, and cold, by
caustic- and acid-resistant rubber cladding. The hose is easily
fitted to the connector/hose tail which is supplied to size
required. The water-saving gun is suitable for hot water up to
80ºC and for pressure up to 25 bar; higher values are possible
upon consultation.

Operating pressure: 25 bar max. Water temperature: 80°C max. Approximate output: 25l/min at 5 bar pressure. The brass casing which is protected by strong grease- and caustic-resistant cladding is completely impervious to shock on being dropped. No damaged can be caused to tanks /tiled floors. The valve is opened and closes by operating the lever which regulates the flow from a mist to a concentrated jet.
Rugged heavy duty brass body All ‘O’-Rings and covers in EPDM Insulated moulded grip for spraying hot or cold water. Trigger and operating mechanism in S/S 1/2” Bspp female inlet. Maximum working pressure 24 Bar (350 psi). Maximum working temperature 95ºC. Hold-open clip for continuous spraying. Weight approx 870 gramms

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